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Destination Bad Ischl   

Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl is situated at a sea level of 468 metres and has 16000 residents. It is famous for being the “emperor´s city” because emperor Franz Joseph spent there every summer.

Bad Ischl is regarded by locals and tourists as being the cultural centre of the “Salzkammergut” and is located about 55 kilometres in the east of Salzburg.
The city is a health resort with particularly good air and it is surrounded by two very pure rivers: The “Ischl” in the north and the “Traun” in the south of the city.

One of the most popular sights in Bad Ischl is the famous “Kaiservilla” which was the summer residence of emperor Franz Joseph. The villa is in a huge park and there are offered guided tours from April until October where you can see the historical and splendid rooms of the emperor´s family. For example the chambers of emperor Franz Joseph and empress Elisabeth - or also known as “Sisi” - are still well-preserved and show how they lived in this decade. In this historical building you get to know how life was like in former times and the tourist guides tell you some quite interesting facts about the daily life of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth.

In the middle of the park called “Kaiserpark” is another remarkable sight: The “Marmorschlössl” which was the “teahouse” of empress Elisabeth. Today it is a photo museum which shows one of the most important photohistorical collections of Austria.

Besides you can go for a walk through the huge park and you can admire the well-kept park with a diversified landscape which nearly hasn´t changed since it was created in former times.

In the centre of Bad Ischl there are the picturesque gardens of a health resort (“Kurpark”) where you can also find the congress centre and the theatre which was completely renovated in the end of the 20th century. In the gardens of the health resort you can admire a fountain, diverse monuments and of course a lot of different flowers.

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