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Destination Bad Ischl   

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Bad Ischl

The shore of the “Traun” is called “Sophiens Esplanade”, it was built in 1830 and expanded in 1869. There you can go for a walk along the river, have a break and sit down on one of the benches and enjoy the marvellous view to the hills “Siriuskogel” and “Katrin”.

On the “Esplanade” there is also situated the former “Hotel Austria”, which is now the museum of Bad Ischl. It shows the development of the city of Bad Ischl by exhibiting historical, cultural and folkloristic documents and collections. Apart from that, this house is well-known because emperor Franz Joseph and princess Elisabeth from Bavaria, also called “Sisi”, announced there their engagement in 1853.

If you go for a walk through the centre of Bad Ischl you will pass a lot of inviting shops, for example the confectioner´s “Zauner”. There you can try the world-famous “Zaunerstollen”, which is a delicious dessert that was presented already in 1905.

The church of St. Nikolaus is already apparent from far away to everyone because of the 72 metres high church tower. Emperor Franz Joseph spent every summer since 1854 in Bad Ischl and therefore the church is also called “Hofpfarrkirche”. Unique in Austria is the organ named “Kaiser-Jubiläums-Orgel” inside the church. It was built to honor emperor Franz Joseph at his 80th birthday.

Opposite of the church there is the “Trinkhalle”, which was built in 1830. It was originally a salt water bath and that´s why in former times many aristocrats came to Bad Ischl. In the 20th century the health centre was neglected, but in 2008 it was renovated for the “Landesausstellung”, which was an exhibition about the “Salzkammergut”. This building now serves the purpose of being a centre for different events and exhibitions.

Next to the “Trinkhalle” there is the historical post office of Bad Ischl which is another highlight of Bad Ischl.

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