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Section: Legal questions (linking, use of videos)

Is it allowed to embed the trailer-videos on another website?

Yes, you may embed trailers on your website - i.e. published at the YouTube-page of Please use the tools from the respective video portal to do so. You can also use the HTML-code you can find below the HD-trailer videos at this website to embed videos into your website.

A link to that is represented in the close vicinity of the video or a info like "Videocredit:" or "(C)" is not mandatory, but we would be happy about it!

Please use additionally our contact form to tell us the URL of the page you embedded one of our clips. By submitting your data you allow us to make a screenshot of the page you embedded one of the videos and to publish it with a link to your website in the chapter references at this website (please note if you don't allow us to take a screenshot of your website-page; self-selection of references reserved).

PS: The embedding of video from a video platform is recommended because it is the easiest way. If desired, you can also download the trailer video from this website for free and include it unchanged in your website.

Unchanged means that you are not allowed to change, cut, zoom,... the video-trailer. For better integration into your website it is only allowed to recode it in an alternate video format and that you may reduce the size of the trailer by up to 75 percent.

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