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Section: Content and formats of videos

Is it possible to play the high definition video on my Playstation 3? And how about other devices?

Yes, HD-videos are so encoded, that you can play it on your PS3 without re-encoding (HD ready 720p format, MP4/H.264-coding).

For all other devices: there exists so many different hardware and software products that we can only suggest you this: download one of the videos from the free download-section in the format you'd like to use and test if you can play it on your device.

If the video can't be played on one or more of your devices, you are allowed to convert it for your own personal use with one of the free or fee based converters on the market to a format you can handle with your device.

We suggest you to buy the HD-video and to use this one as source file for your converter. So you will have the best quality when converting the file every time.

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